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Our goal is to highlight the amazing area of Laconian land, the beautiful nature, the rich history, the culture, the tradition & its products, but also to offer complete proposals & solutions, in order to discover our unique area through its live, human & particular aspects.

Laconian Products
LacPro operates in Monemvasia Laconia, in a region where the tradition imposes high quality & tasty products.
We collect the best products in our area, by focusing on quality & taste.
Who We Are

We are a group of professionals who are activated in the area of Monemvasia Laconias in the Southeastern Peloponnesus Greece. Monemvasia, Gytheio, Mani, Sparta, the caves of Diron, the cave of Catania’s, Kyparissi, Gerakas, Archangels & Plytra are some of the most beautiful places worth visiting in our area.

Through our selected family businesses, we are offering great ideas & suggestions for the visitor to have the chance to obtain a full picture of our exquisite area. Our prime philosophy is to make visitors become familiar with the authentic Greek hospitality & tradition full of experiences & activities highlighting the culture, the people, the history, nature as well as our local products & the flavors of our area.

In an area, not only of unique natural & cultural wealth, but also with a wonderful climate all year round, we are offering the visitor suggestions, services activities & great experiences :

Selecting between two accommodation proposals :
Flower of Monemvasia (Starting Point 3* Hotel)
Liotrivi (Boutique 4* Hotel in Monemvasia)
By providing the most authentic tastes of Laconic gastronomy
     of Liotrivi Wine - Kitchen restaurant
With transfer services & private tours
By organizing events
With organized private travel & daily trips
By offering trekking- naturalist &
     & agritourism activities
By offering yoga & wellness programs
With daily experiences :
Wine tasting
Cooking lesson
Olive oil tasting
Local domestic product tasting
We are proving you with innovative & all inclusive experiences & services living up to your expectations. We work together methodically as a team with the aim of fully satisfying your needs & visiting us again. We are willing to respond promptly to any correspondence (by email) & provide you with all the appropriate & responsible information in order to help you make the right choices.

Our experience of years, our satisfied customers accompanied with your presence & active participation in all services & activities offered to you, act as a guarantee & a criterion to place your trust again in the future.
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"Liotrivi" Historical Mansion & Boutique 4* Hotel in Monemvasia

The unique historical mansion, restored residence of the family of the poet Giannis Ritsos. Perfect for those seeking for a hospitable environment full filled with traditional tastes & special activities.

With a variety of rooms & suites, all unique & individually decorated in their traditional status, fully harmonized with the environment, respecting the history of the Mansion but providing at the same time the temporary comforts of modern life, can offer you the opportunity to make your choice according to your requirements.

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"Liotrivi" Historical Mansion & Boutique 4* Hotel in Monemvasia

Liotrivi Boutique Hotel in Monemvasia

Nowadays, "Liotrivi", full of hundreds of years experience, is ready to welcome you as visitors to the Historical Mansion & Boutique Hotel in order to generously offer you every moment of it. Continuing a long family tradition, our effort is focused to offer you with pleasure a special hospitality with authentic tradition and Laconian flavours. Be part of the living tradition and discover that here is where the history goes on...

Category : Accommodation

"The Flower Of Monemvasia" 3* Hotel

Beautiful, beachfront hotel with an immense view to the famous Castle of Monemvasia. Perfect for those seeking for adventure & cosmopolitan.

The hotel has 20 spacious rooms : doubles, triples, two-bedroom family apartments & suites, all with sea – view balcony, bathroom, tv, free wifi, a small refrigerator & spa services available upon your request.

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"The Flower Of Monemvasia" 3* Hotel

The Flower Of Monemvasia

The “Flower of Monemvasia” hotel is situated on a privileged spot in front of the beach of Monemvasia, just 300m from city centre and 1 km from the Castle. The hotel stays open all the year and has 20 spacious rooms. On the grown floor, there is a breakfast area with a Café Snack Bar, with the beverage of the view to the sea and the Castle, and an INFO KIOSK at the reception, where the visitors can find all the information needed about the South Laconia.

Category : Tours & Activities

Our Organized Tours

The area of Monemvasia is an ideal place for those who love to explore! A visitor has the advantage to visit so many beautiful & unique villages by using as a starting point the “Flower Hotel”.

Gerakas, Kyparissi, Elia, Plytra, Neapoli & Elafonisos are some ideal destinations which offer plenty of sandy & sunny beaches, a combination of mountain & sea, caves & beautiful small natural ports, all in a very close distance but so different & unique…

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Our Organized Tours

The Castle of Monemvasia

The town's name derives from two Greek words, mone and emvasia, meaning "single entrance". The area was a medieval fortress and for that reason, the remaining buildings include defensive structures like walls and a plenty of byzantine churches. Nowadays, by entering into the town, the main road ends to the Main Square with the great cannon and the historical church of Christ Elkomenos (Christ in chains).

Category : Alternative Tourism

Full Experience

Live the experience through a visit to our Mansion, a stay in our suites, an event, a wine tasting or a taste of our local cuisine...

Be part of the living tradition & discover that here is where the history goes on & the experiences are endless…

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Full Experience


The submerged town of Pavlopetri is situated in shallow water between the beach of Pouda at Viglafia (near Neapoli) and the islet of Pavlopetri, opposite the island of Elafonisos. The architectural remains of this prehistoric town, visible at a depth of about three meters, were discovered in 1904 by Fokionos Negris. The city of Pavlopetri is part of the underwater cultural heritage as defined by the UNESCO.

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What to do in Monemvasia
What to do in Monemvasia Area

We offer you suggestions & ideas such as: the way to know Monemvasia & live unforgettable experiences which will excite you!
If you're feeling like getting more active in your vacation or learning more about local culture, our list contains many & varied options. Some of them are :

  • Explore the Castle of Monemvasia
  • Visit Kastania Cave
  • Swim in the clear blue waters of Elafonisos & other beautiful beaches
  • Participate in private tours (Mystras – Diros Caves – Gythion) etc...
  • Participate in agricultural activities
  • Trekking & nature lovers activities
  • Enjoy wellness programs

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