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Meet through a full experience tour the tradition, the people,
the culture & the tastes of Monemvasia.

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LISTEN to the producers, who are continuing the cultivation of the olive trees & the vineyards, talking with passion & love about their work & their assignment (visit at the vineyards & the olive groves & small presentation of the activities of the producers).


WATCH a guided tour at the olive & olive oil museum & learn the method of the production of the extra virgin olive oil (through a very pleasant conducted tour we are traveling you back in the historical path & we offer you important information regarding the priceless product of the laconic land).


LEARN the secrets of the local cuisine through a cooking lesson (experienced cook trusts you very well kept secrets & cooks for you the finest recipes, which you will definitely enjoy).


TASTE the best quality of famous Monemvasian wines through our cellar (local wines, with taste & flavors which will deeply impress you, traveling to the roads of wine).


ENJOY a buffet with products & delights grown with love in this land (complete your experience with Monemvasian unforgettable tastes).

The authentic Monemvasia is waiting for you @ Liotrivi Historical Mansion!


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What to do in Monemvasia
What to do in Monemvasia Area

We offer you suggestions & ideas such as: the way to know Monemvasia & live unforgettable experiences which will excite you!
If you're feeling like getting more active in your vacation or learning more about local culture, our list contains many & varied options. Some of them are :

  • Explore the Castle of Monemvasia
  • Visit Kastania Cave
  • Swim in the clear blue waters of Elafonisos & other beautiful beaches
  • Participate in private tours (Mystras – Diros Caves – Gythion) etc...
  • Participate in agricultural activities
  • Trekking & nature lovers activities
  • Enjoy wellness programs

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