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Areopoli Mani

  • Explore the Castle of Monemvasia
  • Visit Liotrivi Historical Mansion & other attractions
  • Take part in cooking lessons
  • Attend guided tours
  • Enjoy a wine tasting
  • Visit Kastania Cave
  • Swim in the clear blue waters of Elafonisos & other beautiful beaches
  • Participate in private tours (Mystras – Diros Caves – Gythion) &
  • Private tours at Liotrivi (Historical Mansion – Olive Oil Museum)
  • Enjoy traditional Greek cuisine
  • Try local handmade products
  • Taste the rich flavored extra virgin olive oil
  • Participate in agricultural activities
  • Trekking & nature lovers activities
  • Enjoy wellness programs
  • Organize an event
  • Visit the area
  • Adopt an olive tree

Discover the hidden Monemvasia and complete your priority list of things to do in Monemvasia considering our top suggestions, highlights, attractions & one-of-a-kind experiences. Let us plan together the tour of Monemvasia & your vacation experience! We are always available to offer you information, suggestions & services for the following.

Explore the Castle of Monemvasia :
  • The powerful medieval fortress of Monemvasia, one of the best-kept secrets of Greece, is linked to the mainland by a bridge, fact that named the town. From you first steps made through the narrow castle gate, you'll be transported back to a rich cultural heyday, becoming part of the living history by walking in the cobbled streets of the Castle, discovering the scattered Byzantine churches & sea walls, the Upper town & St. Sophia church, with an octagonal dome, while enjoying the breathtaking views of the deep blue. Castles, walls, old mansions, narrow cobbled lanes, churches, low arches and vaults, coats of arms, imperial marble thrones, Byzantine icons all give the impression of a town untouched by time keeping alive history.
Visit Liotrivi Historical Mansion :
  • This Byzantine mansion has linked to the history & tradition of Monemvasia. Family home of the famous Greek poet, Giannis Ritsos & a traditional olive - mill during the mid of the last century. There, you will find a library full of the poet’s works, an olive oil museum & a cellar with the famous wines of Monemvasia (Malvasia wine), the rare flavors of local products, a wine restaurant of local cuisine & many other experiences. Liotrivi Experience Center is a must on the list of the things to do in Monemvasia, but also in Peloponnese, gathering guided tours, agricultural activities, wine-tastings, olive-oil tastings, cooking classes, culinary experience with on demand chef services - live cooking, “0 km” traditional restaurant, private tours, olive-oil museum tours, all in one place.
Cooking lessons :
  • Of the rich, special & delicious local laconic cuisine in order to learn that the richest flavors are made from the simplest & purest ingredients. Monemvasia’s traditional cuisine is revealed by our chef with a cooking class experience, transforming the inherited local recipes into a Greek delicious art, in a mouthwatering inspirational event.
Guided tours for individuals or groups :
  • We bring you close to the people, the traditional cultivation of olive trees & vine, along with the most famous laconic products.The guided tours offer the great hospitality of the local people merged with the specific culture, the particular tradition, the alive history of the region, promoting the ecotourism and the slow tourism with great respect to our host land.
Wine tasting :
  • Try the very delicious & famous wines of our region, through an organized wine tasting in our traditional cellar full of local wines & aromas and learning in the same time about the history of the vine cultivation in the area, the local varieties & the history of the wine and of Malvasia wine.
Visit Kastania Cave :
  • One of the three most beautiful caves in Europe, regarding the colors & formations of stalagmites & stalactites, is waiting to charm you with its beauty, representing one of the main attractions in Monemvasia region. Nature needed three million years to create this fantasy cape with its unparalleled décor and numerous impressive formations such as enormous red and white “waterfalls”.
Swimming in Elafonisos :
  • Enjoy a swim in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the beach of Simos, in magnificent Elafonisos. Simos beach in Elafonisos is attractive for its white, sandy beaches, and the crystal-clear waters with a characteristic emerald hue, being many times awarded as one of the best five beaches worldwide.
Private tours :
  • Meet Mystras, Diros Caves, Gythion, Mani, through a private tour adjusted to your requirements & time. By customizing your tours, trips and excursions, you reap the rewards of our extensive knowledge, long-term relationships and considerable experience in the regions we live.
Private tour at Liotrivi Historical Mansion :
  • Meet the tradition & taste the unique flavors of Monemvasia through a private tour at Liotrivi Historical Mansion. Combine a visit to the museum – old olive mill with a wine tasting in the cellar, tasting of olive oil & other local traditional products & live memorable experiences.
Enjoy traditional cuisine :
  • Try the special flavors of Monemvasia, the rich aroma of the extra virgin olive oil & local products in our “0km” wine restaurant which offers exclusive recipes of Monemvasia local cuisine.
Taste local products :
  • Experience the authentic flavors of laconic land through a tasting of our local products.
Olive oil tasting :
  • Taste the extra virgin olive oil in the place where it produced, while knowing the secrets & the traditional manufacturing techniques.
Agricultural activities :
  • Meet the people & their activities through a brief agricultural guided tour. Discuss with producers, learn the well kept secrets of rural culture & introduce yourselves in an alternative, quality lifestyle.
Trekking & Nature Lovers :
  • Meet the nature of Monemvasia walking on the most beautiful trails. Admire the unique, alternating landscapes, the amazing views & enjoy paths that very few have crossed. Walking, hiking and trekking tours and holidays in Greece are so varied that everyone’s taste and energy levels can be met. The special dry climate and microclimate of southern Laconia helps to work perfectly this rare ecosystem but also for you, so you can ,almost all year, discover the region’s wealth of each season, because each time nature gives you unique and special wonders.
Wellness :
  • Free yourselves in the tranquility of the natural environment. Relax & tone up your spirit & body with yoga exercise, cycling, natural beauty products & healthy food only through traditional laconic recipes. Our aim is to offer body awareness, to help you to get in touch with our inner self, to reconnect with the environment, to balance and energize yourself and to re-educate yourself to a tasty and healthy lifestyle.
Events :
  • Give a unique traditional color in the most significant moments of your life. Have fun & share unforgettable experiences with your beloved ones in a place which combines the history, nature & tradition with harmony & elegance. Weddings, small conferences, parties & other events at Liotrivi Historical Mansion are never the same, as they are always adapted to your requirements & preferences.
Visit the area :
  • See the unseen Greece through the local people’s eyes and make your visit unique & authentic! Meet any corner you desire of our beautiful area , comfortable & exclusively, through our private tours & transfers. We are always ready to provide you information & suggestions.
Adopt an olive tree :
  • Adopt your own olive tree, be informed step by step about its cultivation & produce your own, special extra virgin olive oil from your tree, always with the collaboration of the experienced local producer. Take advantage of our project "Adopt an olive tree"!
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