Laconian Products
Laconia is a region in the southeastern part of the Peloponnese,
where the tradition imposes high quality & tasty products.

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Historical reports over 2000 years presents the laconian products as unique, delicious & qualitative.

Laconian Products

  • The climate of the region
  • The traditional varieties cultivated
  • People’s love for the environment & the tradition
  • The gastronomy & the well-kept old recipes
  • The handmade method and...
  • The continuous effort for the quality improvement of the products

Demonstrate that also nowadays, the laconian products are unique, delicious & qualitative!


We gathered all sorts of handmade laconian products like :

  • The best quality extra-virgin olive oil, cold pressed, produced at the famous laconian olive groves
  • Different types, colors & flavors of the exceptionally wines of Monemvasia
  • A wide range of marmalades & spoon-sweets, prepared from fresh, organic fruits & homemade traditional recipes
  • Other local products: vinegar, liqueur, grape syrup etc.
  • Best quality Kalamata olives
  • Olive oil soaps with herbal infusions & other beauty products, based on olive oil & the herbs of the region
  • Special nutrition value honey, collected from the mountains around Monemvasia, from small producers
  • Different local herbs offered with their recipes
Laconian Products


Exposed at the local shop at Liotrivi Historical Mansion & sold worldwide, at the best price, through our e-shop.

Laconian Products


Adopt an olive tree & become the owner of your own olive tree, but also the producer of the olive oil which you consume. The large number of our satisfied customers is showing you the way!

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