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Combine luxury transportation, with our superior accommodation services.

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Our Organized Tours

Follow our organized tours & excursions, meet the nature, the history, the culture, the people & the tastes of Peloponnese through our weekly tours, which start & end at Athens airport.

And yes, you can also join easily, as an individual visitor, in one of our organized groups & live a unique experience...

All our excursions collect many pleasant experiences through the visits to different, unique & beautiful places in Peloponnese & through activities like:

  • Tastings – Wines & local products
  • Local cuisine & gastronomy (cooking lessons)
  • Guided tours in :
    • Museums & Archeological sites,
    • Farms – olive groves - vineyards,
    • Wineries – traditional olive presses – functioning water-mills
  • Agrotouristic activities – trekking – nature lovers groups – wellness etc.

100 % Greek & authentic experiences!


Combine our luxury transport with high accommodation services, which we offer, with the beautiful simplicity of the nature & consolidate with the Greek tradition & culture...


...just like Periklis of Athens told us in 431 BC "searching for the beauty in the simple things"!


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What to do in Monemvasia
What to do in Monemvasia Area

We offer you suggestions & ideas such as: the way to know Monemvasia & live unforgettable experiences which will excite you!
If you're feeling like getting more active in your vacation or learning more about local culture, our list contains many & varied options. Some of them are :

  • Explore the Castle of Monemvasia
  • Visit Kastania Cave
  • Swim in the clear blue waters of Elafonisos & other beautiful beaches
  • Participate in private tours (Mystras – Diros Caves – Gythion) etc...
  • Participate in agricultural activities
  • Trekking & nature lovers activities
  • Enjoy wellness programs

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